Our services

Job readiness and recruitmentWork life solutionsCommunity developmentSocial and
benefits support
AssessmentsFinancial services savings/paymentsProject implementation, managing and reportingTracing and document collation
  Remittances (including deferred pay)
  • water
  • classroom
  • sanitation
  • food security
  • desktop tracing
  • document collation
  • physical tracing
ScreeningHousing loansMine closureHealth care
Work readiness Insurance
  • Social impact mitigation programme for retrenchments (portable skills/bursaries/health care)
  • HBC/TB
  • community wellness
  • silicosis
Retrenchment and placementMobile moneyUnlock funding: propose projects to customersCertificate of existence (proof of life)
Administration (data processing)     Transport services