Company profile

Our purpose and values

Our purpose

Our company, a level three broad-based black economic empowered (BBBEE) company, has been serving mines and their communities for over 100 years.

Our significant infrastructure, range of knowledge and skills enables us to design cost effective services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our values

  • Passionate about people
  • Leadership that matters
  • Accountable delivery

TEBA board and management have agreed on and are committed to the above core values and have undertaken to inculcate these values into all that TEBA does.

Our business

TEBA has diversified from being primarily a labour recruitment and management service provider to offering a number of additional services including human resources, social and financial services both during and post employment.

Our business is unique in that:

  • we not only serve mines and mineworkers in and around mining communities, but also serve them within their rural communities; and
  • the mining companies pay for our services whilst their employees, the miners, benefit from these services, often at no cost to themselves or their families.

Our ownership

Previously owned and operated by South African mining companies under the auspices of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, primarily as a labour recruitment vehicle, our major shareholder now is Dr James Motlatsi, a founding member and former president of South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers. Our 600 employees are also equal shareholders through the TEBA Employee Trust, currently comprising 90% previously disadvantages people.

Our people

TEBA's dedicated and diverse workforce has a vast range of knowledge and skills matched to the needs of mines, mineworkers and their families as well as to the demographics of southern Africa. Our employees reside within the community they serve, speak the local languages and consequently have an understanding of the local way of life.

Our strategy is to promote talent, offer career advancement while ensuring our employees are competitively remunerated. We encourage personal development through both internal and external training programmes and offer assistance to employees to gain qualifications which will benefit both the company and the individual.

Our reach

Location map [map]

TEBA's head office is in Johannesburg, but our footprint extends to all provinces in South Africa and beyond its borders; with offices in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland.

Our BBBEE status

BBBEE certificate (PDF - 660KB)


The Chamber of Mines founded the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA) and the Native Recruiting Corporation (NRC) in 1902 to acquire unskilled labour to work on the South African mines.

TEBA was established in March 1977 as an amalgamation of Mine Labour Organisations (NRC) Ltd. and Mine Labour Organisations (Wenela) Ltd. The history of TEBA's involvement in the South African mining industry is housed at the University of Johannesburg. These records are accessible to researchers.

TEBA/Witwatersrand Native Labour Association